Tips on Keeping Your Property Risk Free from Legionella Bacteria

Tips on Keeping Your Property Risk Free from Legionella Bacteria
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Whether you let your property to tenants or stay in it with your family, keeping your water systems free from Legionella bacteria should be your top priority. As the owner of the property, you need to make sure that no one suffers due to your carelessness. If you don’t take proper measures to keep your water system free from Legionella bacteria, you risk the health of every person living or visiting your property. Let us tell you how to ensure that the water system of your property remains Legionella free.

Take care of the water temperature – A temperature between 20ºC – 45ºC is considered the ideal for bacterial growth including the Legionella bacteria. So, you should install some control parameters so that the water is not stored in the tank or pipes at 20ºC – 45ºC temperature. Storing water at 60º C is considered the best option. No Legionella bacteria can survive at this temperature.

Don’t let water to stagnate for long – One of the major reasons for the development of Legionella is the stagnation of water. If you let the water remain stored for longer before being used, it will increase the risk of the bacteria in the water. If your property was vacant, you should flush out the water system before letting the property to the tenants so that they don’t use stagnant water. Similarly, when you come to your home after a long vacation, you should flush your water system before starting to use the water. If the water system of your property is not being used for a certain period, you should consider using the water outlets just for the sake of keeping the water flowing.

Keep the water system clean – Bacteria thrive in your water system when they get nutrients for themselves. By keeping your water system clean and maintained you can rob off the required nutrients from Legionella bacteria. Make sure that your water tank is closed with a tight lid so that no debris enters the tank. Rust and smudges too are good sources of nutrition for the Legionella bacteria. So, make sure the water system is cleaned regularly and maintained in a good condition.

Opt for regular Legionella bacteria risk assessment for your water system – Despite taking the required precautions, Legionella bacteria can enter your water system. These bacteria are so toxic that you cannot take the risk to ignore them. So, make sure that your water system is regularly assessed for the presence of the Legionella. You do not need to hire experts every time; you can visit care home legionnaires testing kit provider and purchase a kit online for doing the risk assessment yourself. These kits are easy to use and you can use them to keep a track of your water system. If you find that water in your water system is infected with Legionella bacteria, you can immediately take action to treat the water and save people in your property from health hazards.

Wish you, your family, the visitors and your tenants always stay safe from Legionnaires.     

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