The Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

The Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana
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The cannabis plant has a wide variety of benefits that scientists have found can treat many ailments and conditions. The buds of the cannabis plant are what hold the “medicine” with over 400 active chemicals or cannabinoids. Cannabis is one of the most versatile herbal remedies on Earth, able to treat a wide range of medical conditions. There is no other single plant on Earth that has such a wide range of medically active herbals, according to neurologist and cannabis scientist Ethan Russo.

To find out if your condition meets the cannabis card requirements, you must meet with a physician who is registered with the State of Connecticut to write prescriptions for medical marijuana.

The cannabis plant is known to treat a wide variety of ailments including seizures, muscle spasms, anxiety, and sleep issues. It can also help with nausea, decrease migraines and fight inflammation. There is also research on cannabis being especially helpful as both a preventative and restorative medication for medical marijuana card qualifying conditions such as diabetes, cancer, anxiety, and depression. Cannabis is now being viewed, in a new way, as a “wellness” medicine.

Cannabis is also proven to be great at relieving chronic pain, which according to the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine affects over 25 million adults in the U.S. From treating pain to various mental health issues, cannabis has been proven to treat a vast array of conditions. The medical cannabis card cost per year is $175 for first-time customers and $150 for veterans. With a CT Medical Marijuana card, you can finally experience the relief you need from your symptoms.

Another benefit of using medical Marijuana is that you can achieve the benefits without the psychoactive effect of marijuana with THC. There are products available at Connecticut dispensaries that are high in CBD rather than THC. Many people prefer this since they can avoid the ‘high’ effects.

Medical marijuana has made progress for many conditions that were once only treated by medications. It helps to provide many people with symptom relief from various ailments that are affecting their lives. As Medical Marijuana research continues, we will see more conditions treated with more possibilities for providing relief than ever before. Although medical marijuana is not a cure-all medicine, it is making the future a whole lot brighter for the patients who use it.

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