The Benefits of a Rollator Walker

The Benefits of a Rollator Walker
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Getting older is not always easy. Sometimes we need some assistance, especially with walking. A fall can mean a broken hip, and statistics are not good for seniors once they sustain a broken hip. It’s best to stay healthy with no broken bones.

rollator walker may be just the thing to help you get around from point A to point B securely and safely. Plus, a rollator walker offers many benefits, most of which you do not obtain from a cane or another type of walker.

What are the benefits of a rollator walker?

A rollator is unlike a cane or any other type of walker because it has:

  • 4 wheels
  • brakes
  • a seat
  • basket (not always).

A rollator walker can offer the following benefits:

  • Maneuverability. Because of the four wheels, it easily glides along and can turn without needing to be lifted.
  • Accommodating. Because it has a seat, a person with certain medical conditions or physical limitations can rest when needed.
  • Convenience. The basket option is great for belongings, shopping, or any other purpose where a person may need to carry something with him or her.

Despite the benefits, are there disadvantages?

The rollator walker offers many advantages, but you should be cautioned on a few things, too.

For instance, due to the use of four wheels and in spite of brakes, the rollator – once you start gliding on it – may be a little difficult to slow and stop, especially if you need to stop abruptly. To reiterate you cannot depend on the brakes completely to stop the rollator.

Plus, for individuals who need to bear weight, the four wheels again may prove problematic. You need to have good control, which means you should have a strong abdomen to use a rollator walker.

Where can you get your own rollator walker?

If you are in the market for a walker, you may benefit best from a rollator. You should always consider all your options and keep in mind both the benefits and caveats. If you have questions or want to learn more about rollators or other styles of walkers, contact Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy today.

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