Terms You Should Know if you Want to Take a Spin Class

Terms You Should Know if you Want to Take a Spin Class
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A cycling or spin class is a good way to work up a sweat. You burn calories in a group setting with high energy. Depending your level of fitness, it won’t take long to catch on in a spin class. You just need to pay attention and keep up with instructions from the leader of the class. Knowing the right terms will give you a head start when you’re ready to start cycling.

Flat Terrain:

Flat terrain is any land that is flat and easy to maneuver. In spin classes flat terrain means imitate a ride on flat open land. Normally a flat terrain training session is an easy ride. The instructor usually incorporates speed drills and stamina training during this workout session.

Resistance/Tension: Indoor bikes have a knob or clicker that is used to add or retract the amount of tension/resistance during your ride. You can usually find it at the base of the handlebars. What you are trying to do will determine which direction you turn the knob/clicker. Turning the knob to the right or up (depending on the bike) will intensify the resistance, and turning it to the left or down with reduce the tension.

Gear Up/Gear Down:

Gear up/down simply means change the gears and to add more resistance or tension during your workout. Adding more resistance and tension heightens the workout and builds power. Gearing up/down will most definitely challenge you and make you push much harder during the workout session.

Hill Climb:

Instructors may also imitate real road rides by simulating a hill climb ride. A hill climb ride is designed to add resistance similar to riding a bike uphill. This exercise promotes great muscle strength and builds both power and stamina. This ride will be much more intense than a flat terrain ride, but the benefits are higher depending on the intensity of the ride.


The saddle is the seat of the bike. Depending on which stage of the exercise you are performing, you may or may not be sitting on your saddle too often. It may also take some getting used to the first couple times.


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