Why Is Tantra Massage Much More Than A Random Erotic Experience?

Why Is Tantra Massage Much More Than A Random Erotic Experience?
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Tantra massage is one of the ancient art forms, which has come down from generations over centuries. People who believe in Tantra, see it as the tool for healing and holistic wellbeing. When you understand more about this art form, you will see that the results will simply blow your mind.

Although it is popularly seen as the tool for removing the obstacles of our energies and sexuality, it is much more deeper than that. Indeed it has proved to be significantly beneficial to people with sexual disorders, like the premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and ability to achieve satisfying orgasms.

It is the art form which you can learn, to either help your partner in achieving satisfying orgasms, or you could even take it up as a career choice. There is a good demand for professionals who are certified to give therapy massages to their clients.

What kind of feelings can you experience?

Tantric massage also involves rubbing and simulation of genital organs, yoni and lingam. Yoni in sanskrit means vagina and lingam refers to penis. The therapist does it with complete devotion and integrity, which helps their clients in achieving the overwhelming feelings of healing, awareness, liberation, embodiment, and consciousness.

Although people popularly see it as a form of sex massage, it is important for you to know that it has a much deeper understanding. As a matter of fact, only around 10% to 15% of the massage sessions involve in simulation of yoni or lingam.

If you study the tantra as a whole, then you will understand why this tradition has been passed down through centuries, and is practiced even today.

How is it a different approach from regular sex?

Many people in the west understand the importance of erotic empowerment, because it helps them in dealing with the stress and side effects of living in the modern world. It is the kind of massage which is done with a lot of understanding, reverence, respect, and love.

Of course, the massage traditions have evolved with the building of societies, but the basic concept and purpose still remains the same. Unlike the common approach towards sex, tantra is more about the purity with which the practitioner is able to pass on the energies.

It also depends on how much the receiver is willing to open up and experience the emotions. If done properly, the release of tension and arousal will bring about a remarkable empowerment, which cannot be experienced with anything else.

The main difference between regular sex and the arousal in tantra massage is the state of mind. While we approach regular sex sessions with excitement and anxiety, tantra is all about achieving even better results with total relaxation. That is the best way to feel the awareness, when the deep energy of arousal takes over you.

To conclude, tantra massage is not just about enjoying the random erotic experience. It has the power of healing and with empowerment of pleasure. It is important for you to understand the basics of the art, in order to find the obvious differentiation.

How to become a tantra massage therapist?

There are many training centres which have earned the reputation for providing best therapist training on tantra massage. It is usually a 10 days programme, where you will get trained from the fundamentals to advanced concepts of this magical art form.

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