Smart & High or Dumb and Delusional

Smart & High or Dumb and Delusional
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Let me acquint you to my friend Joe. Joe used to look for new and exciting stuff which would fill his otherwise boring, uneventful life with fun. Colin read about this new thing the people were trying, called kratom. They told him it would give him the high of his life. They told him that it was a medicinal drug and is perfectly safe and legal to smoke it.

Colin couldn’t wait but to get his hands on some of that, so he did. He consulted a couple of his friends on the internet who had already tried it, and after being fully convinced that it would fulfill his desires, he smoked it. However, what Colin didn’t know was that his friends on the internet were as new to it as he was and were just catfishing with him to get him to buy some. You don’t have to ask what happened next.

Why play dumb when you aren’t?

Let me ask you a question when you are choosing a restaurant for your first date, would you rely on the say so of a stranger or would you trust certified and reviewed information which informs you about each and everything you might need to know about the place? Any prudent person with above average intelligence would first be sure of anything than just blindly do it. Remember, as the old saying goes; a little or rather partial knowledge is a dangerous thing. What happens to you is not up to you. But what choices you make, defines you.

Do not make dumb choices out of sheer exasperation of trying the ‘new’ only for it to come back and bite you. People Google random stuff about detoxing after their recreational use of things like marijuana and kratom. What they don’t realize is that most of the information is just plain random and may or may not have intelligible, scientific backing to make it safe enough to try it. People take detox advice from random websites and end up drinking tea for days, and some are stupid enough to believe that hanging upside down would empty out the toxins right out of their bodies. Well, it would empty out stuff, but that sure won’t be toxins.


It’s never too late to change how things are going and start making smart, intelligent choices than relying on the word of mouth of a website or a person. Before you have fun, be safe, be smart. One such source you can go to for safe, smart advice is


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