Safe and Efficient PicoSure Laser Treatment at MediSpa Toronto

Safe and Efficient PicoSure Laser Treatment at MediSpa Toronto
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A lot of people who have tattoos on their skin might want to get it removed at a point due to various personal reasons such as wanting to get a new job which frowns at such, religious beliefs or even to get another tattoo on the same spot. Whatever the reason is, it is important to get reliable and safe removal which would remove all the color ink, no matter how stubborn it may be. Signature MediSpa is where you can get efficient skin care and treatment using the best Picosure Laser Treatment which removes every ink particle embedded in the skin.

The spokesman of this MediSpa clinic claims that this new technology is more efficient than the nanosecond laser which doesn’t remove multicolor ink particles efficiently. Such colors include the stubborn ones like blue, green and purple as well as others like orange. Also, the laser of Picosure is less inflammatory and provides a rejuvenating effect at the end of each session. The spokesperson also says the MediSpa Toronto can remove any tattoo type with the ink particles within 4 to 6 sessions of the laser treatment. On the other hand, other treatments would require up to 10-12 session before any results become visible.

The Picosure treatment procedure makes use of shockwaves for targeting embedded ink particles. In removing the ink pigments, photoacoustic waves aid in targeting them to eliminate all colors embedded on the skin. The laser has been designed to operate at one trillionth of a second (or simply a picosecond). Most tattoos on people’s skin usually have several colors and would require a concentrated laser like the Picosure laser to be removed, otherwise, a substandard result would be produced. The Picosure laser is easier, faster and much more efficient than other tattoo removal procedures.

Picosure technology usually takes up to 5-10 minutes for each session and once it’s complete, the skin’ surface will have a kind of little frosting. It could appear reddish but will dissipate within 24-48 hours. After the procedure, an ointment would be rubbed on the target area so as to prevent counteract rubbing. About 15-25% of the tattoo will be eliminated after each session, although the patient’s skin and tattoo determine how long it would take. Picosure is a very effective technique for the removal of tattoos.

Apart from tattoo removal, Signature Medispa also offers several other skin rejuvenation therapies such as Ultherapy, a non-surgical skin-lifting laser treatment. This treatment lifts and tightens skin and it’s based on using concentrated ultrasound to lift the skin around regions such as the chin, neck, brow as well as other body parts. The Canadian Health body has authenticated this non-invasive skin tightening treatment due to the positive results it has produced.

At MediSpa Toronto, clients get the most comfortable and non-invasive skin solutions because the services are offered by qualified therapists who are very reliable and experienced. Apart from this, clients get free skin care and beauty tips as long as they subscribe to the newsletter of the website.


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