Role Of Insulin In Controlling Diabetes

Role Of Insulin In Controlling Diabetes
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Diabetes is a serious metabolic disorder in which the body loses it natural ability to manage glucose levels in the blood. Being diabetic means the patient won’t be able to maintain healthy levels of glucose in the blood. Since glucose is the main source of energy for the body, its unhealthy and unmanageable levels can cause a variety of short-term and long-term problems in the body. This disease is also characterized by the body’s lack of ability to produce insulin. So, the lack of insulin hormone means the body won’t be able to convert energy out of food.

Here are some of the basic ways in which insulin helps in controlling diabetes –

  • A person becomes diabetic when he/she is not able to produce insulin either completely or sufficiently in a natural manner  
  • Such people will then fail to convert into energy the glucose-rich foods they eat on a daily basis
  • The glucose thus not being converted into energy will stay in the blood causing blood glucose levels to go up  
  • There has to be a healthy blood glucose level in the body and anything above or below the standard can cause trouble
  • Diabetics can manage and monitor blood glucose levels either through self-care or treatment
  • Insulin syringes are available in the market to take relevant dose of the hormone and continue to keep problems away
  • Diabetes is a problem that can strike anyone, irrespective of age and sex and it basically is of three types – type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes
  • Dosages of insulin will be required in managing all three types of diabetes and they all are complex and serious
  • Not managing blood glucose level in the body may lead to serious health problems including heart attack, stroke, kidney disease etc.
  • Lack of insulin in the body can also cause some other serious problems including blindness and limb amputation in extreme cases
  • Diet and exercise alone can’t help control diabetes and patients need to start taking insulin injections at some point for better care
  • Diabetics can’t take insulin orally, in pill or liquid form and they will have to use a needle and syringe for injection
  • There are insulin pens pumps as well to give the body the dosages of this much-needed hormone and take a right step in care
  • There are some 20 different types of insulin available in the market, all in just four forms and all to be injected under the skin ( in the fatty issue )
  • It’s the doctor who will decide which insulin product is right for you, based on the body’s blood sugar levels, your lifestyle and so on  
  • Based on the advice from the doctor, patients can purchase right insulin devices and start taking injection as prescribed
  • Lifestyle changes are one of the major reasons behind the ever-growing cases of diabetes across the world
  • Genes are also responsible for diabetes, particularly of those type 2, and inheritance is one of major causes of the disease
  • Right care and expert guidance from doctors can help you live a rich life even despite being diabetic


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