Popular Mobility Products for Seniors

Popular Mobility Products for Seniors
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The senior population is being introduced to more mobility aids than ever before. This has allowed them to be more active during their golden years and spend more precious time with family and close friends. We’re going to spend some time today going over the most popular mobility products that are available for the senior citizen population. 

Walking Aids 

Now, this type of aid may not be a new one in the medical field. However, it’s a very popular one that many seniors rely on for their mobility. Walking aids come in various forms including canes, walkers, hemi-walkers, knee walkers, and rollators. Each of these comes with their own purpose and advantages over other aids.

The most traditional mobility tool is the walking cane. This provides stability for those who are having weakness in one of their legs or are facing a slight loss of balance. You’ll find these in standard one-leg canes, four-legs or quad canes, and folding canes. This is the first type of mobility aid that most seniors will use.

Walkers are another common walking aid that are used daily by seniors with balance issues. These allow for a more secure structure than a walking cane in cases where the individual is experiencing weakness in both legs. Walkers are designed with wheels and easy gliding legs so that seniors don’t have to lift them up. These come fully adjustable for the proper height fit for the person using it. Hemi-walkers hold the same concept of the traditional walker, however, it’s designed to be used only by one side. 

Wheeled Mobility Aids 

When an individual’s ability to safely walk is diminished, it’s time for them to seek the assistance of wheeled mobility aids. These take the walking part out of the equation. They’re perfect to help seniors remain mobile when they’re unable to walk on their own. These come in a variety of forms including powered wheelchairs, scooters, and manual wheelchairs. 

Manual wheelchairs are something that many individuals are familiar with seeing. These are not electronic and are moved by manually propelling the wheels. The user has to have a sufficient amount of strength in their upper body to use these chairs. This is a major requirement you should consider before opting to purchase one of these chairs. 

Scooters are by far one of the most popular mobility aids right now. Seniors are using these electric-powered devices to stay mobile outside of their homes. The battery life, wheel size, storage size, and battery charging method should all be taken into consideration when purchasing this electronic mobility aid from selectagedcarestore.com.au

The powered wheelchairs are more convenient for in-home mobility as they are smaller than scooters. These devices turn on a dime, which makes them great for maneuvering around counters and furniture at home. These devices are best used by seniors who are able to grasp the use of the joystick control as those who are unable to do so risk injury. 

There are many mobility aids that are available to seniors. We encourage you or your loved one to go through the list above and discover the best mobility aid to fit their individual situation. It’s important to realize that you or your loved one may require one mobility aid for in-house use and another for out-of-the-house use.


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