Pediatric Neurologist in Brooklyn NY

Pediatric Neurologist in Brooklyn NY
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Watching a child suffer is difficult for parents, especially when they don’t have a solution to the problem. That’s why it’s a good idea for parents to talk to a specialist when symptoms begin impacting their child’s life. On the Northeast coast, parents can find a professional pediatric neurologist in Brooklyn NY

A pediatric neurologist is a doctor who diagnoses and treats nervous system disorders; they are in the best position to diagnose and treat your child. If your child is experiencing any of the issues below, make an appointment right away.

Developmental Delays

A child’s developmental process is measured by a series of milestones; reaching them is an important indication that your child is on the right track. 

However, if your child is far behind in meeting the developmental milestones for their age, it could be a sign of a developmental disorder. These symptoms can include if your child was walking or talking and suddenly forgets how to do either; a loss of cognitive ability that was previously present, and more.

If your child has fallen behind in motor, social, language or thinking milestones, it’s time to call a specialist. If you live in New York City, a pediatric neurologist in Brooklyn NY is the best option for you.

Weakness, Seizures, or Migraines

Children are susceptible to the symptoms like headaches; this comes with not enough sleep or too much stimulus. But there are other issues that can be more concerning and might need medical attention.

Weakness, seizures, or migraines can be symptoms of a serious underlying condition, such as cerebral palsy, a stroke, epilepsy, or even brain tumors. These symptoms can manifest at any age and will only grow worse over time, which can lead to severe medical conditions if not treated early.

As a parent, you are in the best position to understand what is not normal for your child. If any of these symptoms occur, take your child to see a specialist.

Behavioral Disorders

Behavioral disorders can develop at any age and have a variety of symptoms, but you will most likely notice a change in your child’s behavior or mood. This might include anxiety, mood swings, trouble sleeping, or school failure. 

A pediatric neurologist can help you determine if your child has a behavioral disorder that requires medical treatment; a counselor might also be an option. 

While it may be possible that the symptoms above are harmless, every family deserves the opportunity to be certain. If you’re not sure if the symptoms are serious, take your child to a pediatric neurologist in Brooklyn NY. Give yourself and your child the peace of mind of knowing their condition is not serious.

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