How To Pass A Hair Drug Test in 2019

How To Pass A Hair Drug Test in 2019
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A lot of people love to unwind and relax by smoking some pot on a Friday evening. The trouble with such a pastime, however, is that while an occasional or one-off cannabis intake enters and exits your system without a trace, turning it into a habit will always show up on a hair drug test.

And the bad news is, you won’t be clean by tomorrow if you stop today. So, how do you pass a hair drug test in 2019? What do you do to avoid repercussions when your boss surprises you with a requirement to take a drug test and your job becomes at stake?

Hard to Get Rid Of

The interesting thing about marijuana, is that it leaves the bloodstream pretty quickly. Its byproducts, however, such as THC, can get into dufferent body systems, like hair folicles, for example, and stay there for a pretty long period of time – even if you shave your head, new hair will grow with traces of the drug for up to 90 days after last use.

And it turns out even the tiniest amount of substance is enough to show up on a drug test.

Why A Hair Folicle Test?

While it is called a hair folicle test, it doesn’t mean the lab is only interested the folicles. They would get a strand of hair and discard everything after 1,5 inch of length from the folicle up. That is because this is the hair length you would grow in three months time – the period which it takes for weed to stop showing up in your system after you last had a smoke.

Once you understand the timeframe in which your marijuana use can be detected, you can start making plans on how to go about finding ways to cheat and fool the lab.

OK, but How Do I Pass?

Here’s the deal, whether or not you have a chance to pass depends on how early, if at all, you were warned about having to undergo the test. Read more about it here. Needless to say, if your employer surprises you at work, you are busted.

If you, however, smoked really recently, such as a couple of days before the test, you have nothing to worry about, since it takes between 5 and 10 days until the drug residue “gets in your hair”. In this case, what you should avoid like the plague is the urine test, which is the one that would detect marijuana use immediately after.

Tricks That Work and Those That Don’t

By now you probably got the brilliant idea of shaving your head to cover up your weed smoking habit. Unfortunately, technicians will now request hair samples from other parts of your body, such as the armpits, for example. Moreover, the “haircut” would really seem suspicious, especially if you were warned about the test before reaching for the razor.

Detox shampoos are becoming more and more popular on the market as a means of a quick fix when you are really in a hurry. You should be careful about which brands you go for though, since there is some low quality stuff that can totally ruin your hair and also give away the fact you used such a product.

Last but not least, if you do expect to be tested in the near future but do have the time to perform some form of a drug detox, a healthy diet with lots of water consumption, detox teas, supplements and rigorous exercise might shorten the process of getting rid of THC by a few weeks. You have to follow a pretty strict regimen and put considerable effort into the detox, though, since once weed gets into your hair, it does linger on for a long time.

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