The original pillow with the hole – for ear pressure ulcers and CNH.

The original pillow with the hole – for ear pressure ulcers and CNH.
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What is “CNH ear“?

CNH or Winkler’s Disease is a painful and chronic condition of the ear. This disease first manifests itself as a small red spot on the outer ear and eventually transforms into a lesion or pressure ulcer. This is an ongoing process that continues to worsen over time, eventually leading to an open wound.

The reason for this is a combination of pressure and friction that acts on the skin of the ear. This friction causes the skin to rise over a long period of time, sometimes years. Once the skin starts to deteriorate, it is important to combat this process by removing the pressure from the ear.

The source of this pressure on the ear is almost always the stuff of your own pillow, and most commonly affects the people who routinely sleep on the side. In addition, the problem is exacerbated by aging, because the skin of older people is less elastic and repairable than that of younger people.

How can I promote healing?

A CNH Kissen is a pillow designed specifically for CNH. As outlined above, the central problem with a CNH ear is the pressure that a conventional pillow exerts on the ear, resulting in deterioration of the skin. The easiest and most effective way to counteract this problem is to support the ear so that it is no longer exposed to pressure. This is given by the hole in the pillow, allowing the ear to rest optimally.

This hole in the pillow allows the ear to rest without being in contact with the fabric of the pillow while supporting the head while sleeping. This allows the ear to regenerate 24 hours a day, even at night.

An effective cure for CNH.

The remarkable thing is the simplicity of the pillow and the results speak for themselves. Companies like “The Original Pillow With A Hole Ltd” have the experience and feedback to know that it’s a really effective solution for CNH after selling thousands of people around the world.

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