Organic Products Based Beauty Guide For You

Organic Products Based Beauty Guide For You
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Due to the rising awareness amongst consumers about the ill effects of drug store beauty products, people are now actively switching to organic beauty products. These beauty products are made using only natural ingredients which are available in the environment. They contain very little to almost no chemicals, which is good for the skin as well as for your health.

Few benefits of using natural beauty products

  • They are chemical free
  • They are mild on the skin
  • They can be used on any type of skin
  • They provide good long term results
  • They contain no synthetic fragrances
  • They are good for the environment

Now that you know the benefits of using organic beauty products, here is a beauty guide for you which will help you choose those healthy skin care products which contain these natural ingredients.

  1. Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera is a natural ingredient which has a whole lot of benefits. This plant can help in reducing sunburn, and relieves the skin from irritation and burns. It also contains natural bacteria fighting ingredients which have a germicidal effect on the skin. It helps in treating rashes, allergies, burning, and soreness. The gel which is found inside the leaf, if consumed, can also greatly help in detoxifying the body of the consumer.
  2. Honey- Honey is an extremely beneficial ingredient, which can be either used raw or mixed with other natural ingredients. Honey, when applied to the skin, can greatly help in hydrating dry skin. When applied raw on the skin and kept for some time, it can also help in reducing acne. Honey, when mixed with sea salt, can also be applied as a facial scrub. Apply a mixture of honey and sea salt to your face, keep it for 15 minutes before scrubbing and removing it with water.
  3. Essential oils- Essential oils are the raw oils which are extracted from natural ingredients such as plants, leaves and flowers. These oils, when diluted with a base such as a cream or oil can be extremely beneficial when applied to the skin. If you are looking to make your own homemade healthy skin care products, you can take a few drops of tea tree oil and mix it with a cream. Apply this mixture to your face. Tea tree oil has an anti-bacterial effect, killing the bacteria and germs on your skin to give you fresh, healthy skin. Argan oil can be applied to the skin to reduce redness and irritation as well as reduce the effect of big bites. Lemon essential oil is helpful for clearing out bacteria, as it is a strong germicidal.
  4. Shea butter- One of the most popular ingredients for natural beauty products, shea butter is found abundantly in Africa. It is beneficial for dry skin and helps reduce flakiness, dryness, redness and peeling of the skin. Add shea butter with a little oil to your all natural skin care routine to see a world of difference in your skin.

Organic products offer many benefits when used as a part of your all natural skin care routine. With minimal side effects and effective results, try these vegan ingredients in your routine.

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