On Choosing The Best Type Of Bedside Commode Chair For Your Patient

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Portable and convenient bedside commodes chairs come in various styles. They are designed to meet different utilities. So whether you are shopping online or offline, you are likely to be bombarded with too many shopping options. That being said, you might want to have a check at the different types of portable toilets, and how they can be utilized optimally.

All In One Commodes

You can use these units for various purposes. As for example, users can take it as a raised toilet seat, as well as bedside commode chair and toilet safety frame. These versatile chairs are specifically helpful for elderly people, or patients facing hardship to reach bathroom at night. In the daytime, it can double up as a seat raiser and safety frame. Overall, it is a great option to save on money and space.

Drop-Arm Commode Chairs

You can fold down the armrests of this type of this basic style commode chair. If you have an elderly patient with severely limited mobility, then a drop arm commode chair is ideal. Its design makes it convenient to transfer on and off the WC. This is one of the most easily available types of bedside commode. This means that you get plenty of drop arm bedside Commodes to choose from.

Go for easy Padded Commodes

Let us be honest. Non-padded commodes are relatively easy to clean. So most of the caregivers prefer this type of bedside commode chairs. Yet, the padded commodes give that much-covered comfort. Nowadays you can shop for new-age padded commodes, which are made from easy to clean materials. The new age varieties come in some interesting and practical designs. As for example, there are products that come with a single padded seat, or with armrests.

Bariatric Commodes can be the option

As the name suggests, this variety is suitable for extremely obese patients. It is also a good option for those who are about to undergo bariatric surgery. These chairs offer safe and steady support to users weighing between 300 lbs to 1000 lbs.

Know more about Combination Commodes

If you have a patient at home who is facing a real hard time to reach the bathroom when he or she needs to, then this is the right option. It is easy to fold. This makes it convenient to store. Justifying its name, combination Commodes can be used as a shower chair, and even as a wheelchair. This variety comes with a set of wheels which can be set easily. With its help, you get hold of a truly versatile product. The good quality units are made from water resistant and rustproof materials. This ensures it’s longevity.

Over The Toilet Commodes

You can easily fit them over your existing toilet seat. They usually come with a detachable bucket. This means you can use it with the bucket while using by the bedside. You can remove the bucket when you are fixing it over the bathroom.

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