What Must One Know About The Wisdom Teeth?

What Must One Know About The Wisdom Teeth?
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The molar teeth, or the “Wisdom teeth”, as popularly known, are the last four teeth to erupt in the life of a human. They are a vestigial organ today, going by the evolutionary changes in the skull. Due to their late eruption and the relatively smaller size of the human jaw bone, the wisdom teeth might come out crooked. This leads to the newly formed teeth impacting on the nearest premolar teeth, needing dental treatment.

What usually happens when the wisdom teeth are crooked?

  1. Only a rare percentage of people have a pain free and simple wisdom teeth eruption. In most cases. The following happen:
  2. The teeth do not have space to grow within the bone, thus impact the nearest tooth
  3. The teeth grow slanting, needing partial or complete removal of the adjacent tooth, in order to facilitate its proper eruption
  4. The teeth grow parallel to the adjacent tooth, requiring complete removal of both the offending tooth, as well as the adjacent tooth

Thus, wisdom teeth removal is a process that is advocated by most dentists, whose main intentions is to nip the problem in the bud before it becomes too big to manage.

What other problems do wisdom teeth cause?

Wisdom teeth often cause a lot of problems to the individual, other than impacting, such as inflammation the gum, bad breath, ulcers in the inner cheek, nerve impact, intolerable jaw pain, extreme sensitivity to the adjacent teeth, etc. It is often considered safe to remove the teeth, than to try to save it, as they tend to cause practical constraints in the future as well. For example, the farther end of the teeth is difficult to clean, thus inhabits bacterial growth leading to caries.

What are the steps involved in its removal?

The removal of Wisdom teeth often is a complicated process, which involves more than just extraction, including

  1. Administering of anaesthesia
  2. Incisioning
  3. Partial or complete extraction of the adjacent tooth
  4. Surgical removal of the wisdom tooth if necessary
  5. Sealing and treatment of the nearby teeth

How much would removing the wisdom teeth cost?

The costs of Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery cary nc vary according to the difficulty level of the procedure. The wisdom teeth removal costs in Australia usually translate to the consultation, the radiological procedure, the sedatives and other drugs, the procedure, the accessory elements used, the prescription drugs, and the follow-up charges. The basic costs for a simple extraction would be around $300, with the rate increasing for a complex extraction. Surgical procedures would amount to $1500 to $3000 on an average.

Removal of the wisdom teeth is undoubtedly a costly process. It always pays to have a regular dental check-up, to ensure healthy teeth.

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