How Mobile Phones Ruin Your Sleep?

How Mobile Phones Ruin Your Sleep?
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A recent study has shown that using too much mobile phone before going to sleep may be the root cause of sleep related illness in human beings. The prominent diseases associated with mobile phone usage is insomnia, headaches and confusion. Sometimes the radiation emitted by the mobile phone interfere with the normal working of the body and ability to refresh itself.

A few men and women are exposed to the cellular radiation and then been observed whether they can sleep like normal people or not. The results were surprising and the people using cells at night either didn’t sleep well or didn’t get the deepest sleep. However normal ones don’t suffer from this problem. This research had suggested that usage of mobile phone relates itself with brain areas which are responsible for coordinating and activating the stress mechanism of the body.

This is the reason why it is always suggested to keep small children away from mobile phones as much as possible. It is also suggested not to use mobiles phones in the dark room. Using mobile phones in the dark room can affect your eyes to a great extent and you can face many eye problems.

How does mobile phone radiation affect sleep quality?

Mobile phone radiation affects sleep quality as these waves have the same frequencies as the cellular receptors and have a few to few hundred cycles per seconds. Thus, the information carrying these radio waves can stimulate or confuse your cellular receptors causing you fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and various other ailments.

It is often seen that people use their mobile phones as alarm clock and thus they keep their mobile phones very near to them i.e. near their bed while sleeping. Experts suggest not to do so as the radiations of mobile phone after ones sleep to a great extent and it is seen that people who keep their phone very near to them are not able to take proper sleep. Such people take longer time to fall asleep then others who do not have their mobile phone close to them.

Thus, it is always a wise idea to keep your mobile phone away from you when you are sleeping so as to have a sound and perfect sleep. Also, make sure that your family members do the same. Especially keep a check on your children and do not allow them to use their mobile phones till late night and they make sure that they keep their phones away from them while sleeping.

Taking precautions is always a wise idea rather than neglecting such small things and suffering with great problems later on. You can keep yourself and your family safe and happy by taking some steps and using mobile phones safely and carefully. No doubt, mobile phone is getting more and more important for us in today’s time but we can surely use it wisely so that we can keep ourselves safe and also people near us safe.

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