Medical Supplement Plan (Medigap) May Not be Applicable in Many Foreign Lands

Medical Supplement Plan (Medigap) May Not be Applicable in Many Foreign Lands
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All American citizens above 65 years of age know the benefit of Medicare plans. They know that Medicare part A&B is available for all people to reduce the burden of medical bills. However, these medical plans don’t cover everything. They may cover part of the hospital visit, doctor visit, and drugs on prescription, but here are other things as well which is not included in the plan.

This is why all people above 65 years of age need the Medical Supplement Plans. It is also known as Medigap. They complete the gap by covering those extra expenses that are not covered by Medicare. Thus, the Medigap plan picks from where the original Medicare plan leaves.

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The Medigap or Medical Supplement Plan is beneficial for all senior citizens when they are surviving on US benefits like social security, etc. However, it is also important to know that not all doctors accept the Medigap plan. Above all, if you’re traveling outside the country, the medical coverage plan may not be applicable. You will have to bear all the healthcare costs while staying abroad.

In most cases, Original Medicare doesn’t cover medical expenses outside the US and its territories.

The United States includes –

  • The 50 states
  • The District of Columbia
  • Puerto Rico
  • Guam
  • The US Virgin Island
  • American Samoa
  • The Northern Mariana Islands

If you find a Medicare-approved doctor or clinic within the United States, then you can use this benefit.

Still, under certain circumstances, you can use the Medigap plan outside US –

  • You can approach a foreign hospital during a medical emergency if you live in the US. However, the foreign hospital should be nearest to the US hospital.
  • Medicare will also cover the expenses in a foreign hospital if you live near the border. The foreign hospital should be the closest, and outside the US borders.
  • You can also get coverage in Canada if the closest hospital is in Canada. This can happen only when you’re traveling on a direct route between Alaska and another US state.
  • You can also get medical coverage on a cruise ship by a physician who is legally allowed to provide medical aid. However, the cruise ship should be reaching the US harbor within six hours or has covered only six hours of departure from the US port.

Additional Insurance for Foreign Travel

It is always wise to get additional coverage when you’re traveling abroad for a long period.  Medical coverage or Medigap can help cover maximum expenses, but additional coverage will further protect financially during chronic medical conditions while traveling abroad.

  • Primary travel medical insurance pays foreign travel medical claims. It can also exceed the claim amount provided by the Medical supplement plan limit.
  • Secondary travel medical insurance can also be purchased with Medigap. This plan helps in paying after the Medigap or any medical coverage plan has paid its share.

Thus, plan and buy other plans or know your rights while purchasing any medical coverage plan


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