Are you losing sleep because of hair loss? Try Rogaine

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In this day and age, looking good has become an important part of how we look at ourselves. From selfies to group pictures, everyone wants to look amazing. However, if you are losing hair, whether it is from a medical problem or because of pregnancy or because of side effects of a medicine, it is becoming a key area of concern for everyone – more so for the women as they are ones judged more often for their looks. That is why; they often feel less confident and struggle with different medicines and remedies to stop hair loss.

Doctor prescribed medicines for stopping hair loss

While doctors may not prescribe hair loss stopping medicines in case one is losing hair because of pregnancy or because of the side effects of another, they can and usually prescribe in case of other reasons. Minoxidil 2, which is a 2% solution of Minoxidil, a highly concentrated chemical used to treat hair loss or rather help in hair regrowth is typically prescribed by doctors across the world. This is because it is FDA approved and shows visible results in a few months and has fewer side effects.

Precautions and side effects of Minoxidil

All strong and heavy medications come with their precautions and side effects. One must clearly and religiously follow the doctor’s suggestions for these medicines. In case of any problems or side effects seen with immediate use, one should consult the doctor immediately. As mentioned before, is a highly concentrated medicine, Minoxidil should be used in a minuscule quantity of 1ml in each use and not more.

While this may elongate the hair regrowth process, it will make sure that the growth is gradual and the chemical does not cause harm to the body. It typically takes 4-5 months for the same to show progress and visible results and the wait may be worth it in the end.

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