Know about the tests to discover voice and breathing problems

Know about the tests to discover voice and breathing problems
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The examination that is done to find out problems related to larynx is known as Laryngoscopy. This is a test that is done below the throat where you will find the voice box. This test is done with the help of a medical device that is called laryngoscope in order to discover of there are any causes related to voice and breathing problems. It also can find out causers for blockages in the airway as well as throat or pain in the ear.

How is the test conducted?

The laryngoscopy is usually performed with the help of storz laryngoscope‌

 by the ENT specialist. There are in fact three different types of laryngoscopy such as:

  • Indirect laryngoscopy
  • Fiiber – optic laryngoscopy
  • Direct laryngoscopy

The indirect laryngoscopy is a procedure that is possible to be performed in the doctor’s office. The ENT specialist will use a small mirror at the back of the throat and will aim light at the back of the throat. This is done to examine the larynx and also the vocal cords and hypo pharynx. This procedure is usually not done with the children as it may cause gagging.

The other one is the fiber-optic laryngoscopy which allows the doctor to look inside the throat with the help of telescope. This test is usually done by inserting a thin and optic instrument through either the mouth or the nostril.

The third one which is direct laryngoscopy is done via mouth with the help of storz laryngoscope and the patient will be put under general anaesthesia. This is because the patient will not feel the scope in the mouth.

You can find rigid and flexible endoscopes with the medical suppliers. There are a wide variety of surgical instruments that are used by the doctors to treat their patients.

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