Kent Pearl: A Great Choice of Water Purifier with Double Purification Technology

Kent Pearl: A Great Choice of Water Purifier with Double Purification Technology
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There are many water purifiers in the market, but the water purifiers manufactured by Kent are of a whole new level. The technology used behind these purifiers ensures that your family gets 100% pure water at any time of the day. Among the different types of water purifiers available, Kent Pearl stands out as it comes with mineral RO Technology with TDS. Whether you look for water purifier online or offline, Kent purifiers are one step ahead of the competition. Here are a few reasons why Kent Pearl is a great choice of water purifier:

  • ‘Save Water’ Technology

Generally, a conventional wall-mounted water purifier wastes about 80% of the water. When it comes to Kent Pearl, it recovers up to 50% of water. With the help of ‘Save water’ technology, KENT Pearl recovers more than 50% waste water that it can be used for purposes such as mopping and cleaning.

  • Mineral RO Technology

As mentioned earlier, all KENT RO purifiers use a patented mineral ROTM technology, and an inbuilt TDS controller. The TDS Controller present in the water purifier retains the essential natural minerals in purified water, according to your requirement. The reverse osmosis chamber only removes unessential or harmful minerals from the water and keeps all the essential minerals in the water. This way, the water you get is pure and you don’t have to worry about losing essential minerals.

  • Double Purification

Kent Pearl is integrated with sophisticated UV/UF technology too, which protects your family from water borne diseases. UV radiation or Ultra Violate rays kill viruses, bacteria and any other kind of pathogens. As soon as UV radiation is exposed to the water, the bacteria and the viruses are killed.

After UV purification, if there are still some microbes left or microbial residue of the killed pathogens is left, the UF filtration takes care of that. With the help of UF membrane, all these problems are filtered out well before the water is poured. UF membrane filters anything that is 0.3 microns or more away from the water, which allows 100% pure water to be filled up in the container. Your worries about drinking impure water would forever be over with Kent Pearl.

  • Smart Design

Kent Pearl has a very special design. It can be wall mounted or used as a table top purifier. You can install the water purifier according to your convenience depending upon your kitchen design. It has a detachable storage tank as well, which allows easy cleaning of the tank. Therefore, there would be even less service visits for this water purifier. This modular design is specifically designed keeping the convenience of the common man in mind.

These differences make Kent Pearl stand out from the crowd and be the leader in water purifiers all across the country. Kent Pearl is one of the best wall mounted/table top purifiers with RO and UV/UF technology for purification.

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