India- Eminent Place for Hair Transplant Treatment

India- Eminent Place for Hair Transplant Treatment
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Baldness is the universal problem, people from different countries come to India each year to get treatment for hair transplant because hair transplant in India is cost effective with all the latest technologies and techniques present in India.

The treatment of baldness is becoming better and advanced each day. There are two ways of going about hair transplant treatment in India is Surgical and non-surgical. Hair transplant in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Chandigarh, Bangalore are some of the promising locations to get it done.

Although other techniques of this treatment have also been greatly advanced, for many people, Non-Surgical Hair Replacement means fake hair, but it is not really that. In Non-Surgical Hair Replacement, a transparent, thin and light membrane is placed on the scalp, which contains human hair. The membrane is attached to the scalp with the existing hair. It gives you a very natural look. Through this technique, the hair in the membrane is matched in the colour, the density, and the direction of the head completely.

Actually, the membrane is linked to Scalp using the latest Bonding Material. So you can wear it with confidence and comfort. Most non Surgical Hair Replacement starts with design and concentration. With design and consultation, it is ensured that the product should be prepared according to your existing hair colour and style. It takes several months to design from design to mangrove a product. You can also take products from the markets that are already ready and cheap too. Although this will save time, you may compromise with quality.

Surgical Hair Transplant:

There are many ways to do hair transplant in a surgical way.

Strip method or FUT is the oldest way to do hair transplantation and it is still used very well. The first patient is given local anaesthesia. After that, a half-inch of scalp’s strip is removed from the donor area and it is implanted in that part of the head, where there is baldness. In a half-inch strip, there can usually be up to two to three thousand of the hair follicle and in each follicle; there are two to three hair roots.

If baldness is in the area of ​ the hairline, hair is planted one by one. After implantation, stitches are dissolved in the donor area. This place becomes normal after a few days. In the area where the hair is applied, the bandages are applied for one night, which can be removed in the clinic next day or remove the patient himself. As far as pain is concerned, be tension free as the local anaesthesia is given. It takes five to six hours of the entire processor.
In this technique, only 10 percent of the patients do not find this method effective. If the patient’s diet is not appropriate, immunity is low or he is a smoker, then this method will do no good to him.

In the FUE Method first grafts are harvest from the donor area then they are implanted on the affected area with help of micro needle. There can be up to four hairs in a follicle. It takes 6 to 8 hours in one sitting. About 3000 grafts are inserted. There is no need to get admitted. If required, then the patient can be called for a second sitting. The second session can be performed after one year of 6 months. There are no stitches in this method, there are no marks and healing is rapid. This is much-advanced method than FUT that is why it is a bit costly treatment as compared to FUT.

Cost of hair transplant in India that makes it an apt place for this treatment. In India, the cost of hair transplant depends on many factors like choice,

In this process, the cost is calculated on the basis of per graft that is implanted- that is, the cost can be $ 10 or ₹640 (Rs. 640) per graft, this is the average cost in the US for 1000 grafts. Hair transplantation in the US will cost ₹ 6,40,000 (Rs 6.4 lakh). Apart from this, some extra charges, such as OT charges, tax, etc. will also come. Whereas the cost of hair transplant in India is quite economical. The cost per graft is $0.7-0.77 (₹ 50) makes ₹50,000, that’s a huge difference of price. Yeah ! This is the reason why the person from abroad prefers hair transplantation in India. 

In Turkey, the rate is around $4 (₹ 256)

In Europe, the rate is around $6 (₹384)

In UAE the rate is around $8 (₹512)

In USA the rate is around $10-$17 (₹1089)

In Singapore, the rate is around $14 (₹896)

In India, the rate is around $0.77(₹50)

This is the clear comparison with various countries wherein it is seen that India is the cheapest country for this surgery.

First of all, the cost varies according to the type of process adopted. FUE is more expensive than the strip method (FUT) because it has more benefits and only some surgeons can do it. Costs will also vary according to the area – generally, the costs will be higher in larger cities than in smaller cities.  

Still, have queries? Where to get the hair transplant done? Contact our trained and experienced NHT team for hair transplant in India.

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