How To Prevent Blackheads 

How To Prevent Blackheads 
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Blackheads are open comedones, dark spots on the skin that form when sebaceous secretions are mixed with dead cells. They look black because they are very dense, they have many dead cells packed in a very small space, and Blackhead Remover is always available to get them removed.

Blackheads are formed by the abundance of sebaceous secretions. That’s why they come out more in the T zone in which the sebaceous glands are more concentrated. But they can go anywhere.

There are many myths around blackheads. It’s believed to form by not cleansing the skin; this is not 100% true. If blackheads are tried to extract and not done correctly via Blackhead Remover, they can become infected by producing pimples.

How To Prevent And Eliminate Blackheads

Blackheads are a constant struggle; it is not difficult to prevent them. There are Blackhead Removers on the market to lessen the problem. Bellow are the most used products:

1 – Correct Cleaning

Your first action plan should be to cleanse your skin. If it is greasy, clean it twice a day: morning and night. If it is dry or normal with cleaning it only at night may be enough. Use a cleanser for your skin type but the best cleaners to avoid blackheads are those that have:

Salicylic Acid

Cleansers containing salicylic acid help sebaceous secretions not cover the pores producing blackheads. They do not work well for all people because it can dry the skin but you have to try it. Usually, these cleansers are found in acne products, read the list of ingredients and if you have salicylic acid in the ingredients can help. S

2- Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation of the skin is necessary to eliminate the dead cells. You can use homemade masks or buy scrubs. If you buy the following ingredients are very effective:

Exfoliating With Alpha Acids And Beta Hydroxides

These acids exfoliate the skin, therefore, prevent the accumulation of dead cells. These ingredients come in moisturizers and exfoliating creams, look for an exfoliant that contains: glycolic acid, lactic acid or malic acid. You can read here about the acids for the skin. They can be used once or twice a week.

Strips To Exfoliate

These are strips to exfoliate the nose. They may be effective, but they are no better than other exfoliants. You can try out a lot of people they like.


In severe cases, creams with retinol may be used. Some require a prescription, but there are many creams that you can buy without a prescription. Read here what retinol is.

Other Exfoliants

You can use any other scrub you buy and homemade like sugar with soap or mixed with your cleanser. The important thing is to use it at least once a week.

3- Facial Cleansing

You can do them yourself (homemade facial) or even better go to have them (professional facials). During the facial cleansing, steam is used to open the pores, and in this way, it is easier to remove the black spots.

If you decide to extract the blackheads yourself read this note that tells you how to do it: how to get blackheads with Blackhead Remover.

Finally, In professional cleaning, aestheticians use a Blackhead Remover to do so. This is a mechanical instrument with a hole in the tip. The Blackhead Remover is placed on each black spot and presses it out. Use of this appliance causes the risk of skin damage or breakage of capillaries to be decreased. It causes a little pain; this is the nasty part during the facials. This instrument is sold in many stores, and they are best for Blackheads.

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