Facts And Misconceptions About The Vasectomy Procedure

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There are a lot of facts and misconceptions surrounding the vasectomy procedure, and if you are interested in going through with the procedure, you should definitely learn what is true and what is not. The best way to do this is to simply talk to your doctor.

You could also do your own research online instead. Check out the best vasectomy in Chatswood like Vasectomy Australia if you are interested, or simply search for a local clinic and schedule a consultation, where you can talk to your doctor about the procedure.

Find a good doctor and clinic

It’s a simple procedure!

Many men believe that a vasectomy is this scary procedure that will make them feel a lot of pain, when in reality that is not true. Compared to tubal ligation, this is a simpler procedure that does not take long to be performed. It can be done with or without a scalpel, and it is usually done in the doctor’s office.

It takes time

After you’ve completely healed, you will still have to use protection during sexual intercourse. For the vasectomy to work it takes some time, and this is something that your doctor will discuss with you. There is a chance that you will visit your doctor a couple of times to see your sperm count, and know whether you can engage freely or use protection.

Almost no risks!

Keep in mind that all surgeries have risks, and the vasectomy procedure does have some as well. However, the risks are so uncommon and unusual, that you probably do not have to worry about them. With that said, you should definitely talk to your doctor about the procedure, risks and what to expect.

Increased chances for diseases?

That is a myth! While 20 years ago, it was shown that there is an increased risk for prostate cancer, the link was so weak, that it was due to chance and the subsequent research was unable to find and actual connection. A vasectomy does not increase your chances of other diseases.

Your libido and performance will stay the same!

Yet another huge myth is that the vasectomy procedure will somehow affect your performance in bed. That is completely false. The only thing that the vasectomy procedure is designed to do, is make your semen sterile. Your libido and performance will stay the same. So, if you are interested, you can check out the best vasectomy in Liverpool at Vasectomy Australia or search more locally instead.

Learn more about the vasectomy procedure before you go through with it

Final word

There will always be myths or misconceptions about a lot of different surgeries and procedures, and the vasectomy one has a lot circling around. The best way you can actually learn about the vasectomy procedure and what you should believe, is to talk to your doctor. So, find a good clinic, schedule a consultation and simply talk to your doctor about the vasectomy and what to expect.



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