Everything You Need to Know About Belkyra

Everything You Need to Know About Belkyra
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Belkyra™, which is an FDA-approved injectable, is used to eliminate fat underneath the chin.

A double chin occurs when unwanted fat begins to collect under the chin and forms a convex distension that leads to the appearance of a double chin. While double chins can be linked to weight and lifestyle, genetics can also play a role.  

Countless men and women seek treatment for their double chin because it makes them look older and unhealthy.

Common double chin treatments

Kybella and Belkyra are the two most popular injectable treatments for double chins, both of which are FDA approved. Both treatments are injected into the fat under the chin in order to slowly break down the unwanted fat. Patients will require multiple treatments before they start seeing results though.

Belkyra FAQs

What exactly is Belkyra and what are the ingredients?

Belkyra injections contain a synthetic substance that is naturally found in the body in small quantities. This lecithin-type chemical disrupts the membrane of fat cells, which releases their contents and breaks them down.

What happens to the fat?

The glycerol and free fatty acids that were released from the fat cells are leaked into the surrounding dermal area. The contents of the fat cells are completely harmless and the body will naturally and safely expel it on its own through the kidneys. It should be noted that patients won’t increase their risk of heart or atherosclerotic disease by using Belkyra injections.

Will downtime be required about Belkyra injections?

After a Belkyra session at Dr Saras & Co, most patients will be able to return to their normal daily activities right away. There is a small chance of bruising, burning and mild discomfort after your session though.

Are Belkyra injections painful?

Most patients find the Belkyra injections quite comfortable with only a few experiencing some mild discomfort following the procedure.

Are any post-treatment activities required after receiving Belkyra injections?  

No specific or special care is required after your session. If you do experience a small amount of swelling after your session, know that it will subside after a few days. This swelling won’t be very noticeable though so there’s no cause for concern. If you do experience any bruising, it can easily be camouflaged with makeup.

When will I see results?

Since every patient is different, there’s no exact answer to this. The more fat there is underneath the chin, the more Belkyra injections will be required. While some patients will see results after two sessions, others will need several more in order to reduce the appearance of their double chin. At Dr Saras & Co, we will administer injections once a month, with a significant amount of fat cells being destroyed at every session.

Will Belkyra work on loose skin?

Most patients who receive Belkyra injections will also undergo skin tightening procedures in order to remove the double chin and tighten the chin area at the same time, giving you the best possible results.


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