EEOICPA benefits and ways to file a claim under this act

EEOICPA benefits and ways to file a claim under this act
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Services offered by resource centers

The Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation set up eleven resource centers across the USA to meet the needs of the workers seeking compensation under the EEOICP act. Under this act, workers facing a severe health issue as a result of working in a harmful environment in nuclear weapon facilities are eligible to receive a significant amount of monetary and other benefits. In order to receive such benefits, the workers or their families need to produce adequate proof of the physical condition and employment at an establishment covered under the EEOICPA.

  •         To file the eeoicpa claims, an individual needs to seek guidance from their nearest resource center for the necessary paperwork.
  •         Apart from providing support regarding paperwork and documentation, the resource center staffs are skilled to provide several additional services.
  •         Some of the services include helping the worker with filling up forms, educate them about EEOICPA, assisting them in retrieving supporting documents, medical reports, employment records etc.
  •         The resource center staffs also address requests for home modification, home health services, medical travel reimbursement etc.
  •         They also play a significant role in transmitting the documents to the district office and recommending the best legal and medical support to the claimants.
  •         The resource centers act as a repository of necessary information to the individuals who don’t have access to the same despite being an eligible recipient.

How to reach a resource center?

In case you have faced serious health issues and have incurred severe losses by working in an atomic weapon facility, the contact the resource center immediately to file a claim. For deceased workers, their family members can also claim for compensation if they fulfill the necessary criteria. To gather proper knowledge and to know the actual guidelines of EEIOCPA, a visit to the nearest resource center is advised. Outstation workers can get in touch with the resource centers through a phone call. So, know more about the EEOICPA and apply for compensation for your losses by filing eeoicpa claims.

Benefits under EEOICPA

Once your claim is settled, the US federal government is liable to pay a handsome amount of money and several benefits under the EEOICPA. The benefits include no-cost home health services by superior healthcare service providers for a lifetime.

So, the workers who have served several years at the nuclear weapon facilities and as a result have incurred huge medical costs should apply for a compensation to secure their future. The resource centers are located in all important cities across the nation providing a helping hand to the ailing workers and their families. If an individual is unable to go through the legal procedures by his own, it is best to hire an expert legal practitioner to take care of the claims process. Thus, if you are of the victims suffering from a life-threatening occupational illness, contact the nearest EEOIC resource center at the earliest without wasting more time.  The friendly and compassionate staffs at the resource center will take into consideration your case and deal with the same efficiently to help you receive maximum benefits.


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