EEOIC resource centers assisting workers to claim a compensation

EEOIC resource centers assisting workers to claim a compensation
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Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (EEOIC) established eleven resource centers across the U.S. in 2001. These resource centers work as a single point of contact for the workers providing information, support and additional services to file a claim under the EEOICPA/RECA act. If you or a relative has been suffering from serious health conditions as a result of radiation by working at a DOE facility, then you can claim compensation from the Federal Government to cover the incurred losses and medical expenses. The resource center employees are focused to educate individuals about eeoicpa home health benefits and the ways to file a claim.

The individuals who want to file a claim must get in touch with the nearest resource center of their recent employment zone. They can either visit the center or contact over the phone in case the center is located far away. The centers located near the major nuclear weapon facilities are situated in California, Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, South Carolina Washington and Tennessee.

The main objective of the resource centers is to help individuals file a claim and helping them to retrieve important information and supporting documents needed to make the claim. In case the exposure to harmful radiation occurred many years ago, it is difficult to find proofs of employment. In that case, other supporting documents like tax returns, social security records, salary slips and other employment-related documents will also help. The resource center employees will provide necessary assistance to the individual in every step through the process of filing a claim. They can lend a helping hand in procuring important documents proving the medical condition and filling up forms to claim for settlement. These documents may include the hospital records, the diagnostic test reports, MRI, X-ray and CAT scan results, biopsy reports, death certificates etc. Presenting these reports to the Federal Government is absolutely necessary to become eligible for filing a claim.

Apart from providing all these assistance, the resource center is also useful to address certain issues like:

    • Travel reimbursement for medical travel
    • Home renovation requests
    • Home healthcare requests
    • Transmit documents to and from the DEEOIC office
    • Recommending lawyers and attorneys for legal help

  • Provide adequate information and educate people about the eeoicpa home health laws and benefits etc.

The resource centers play a vital role in providing detailed information and educating workers who have faced serious health issues while working in closed DOE facilities. Contacting your nearest resource center is the best option to access necessary information and seek adequate help to file a claim. There are many competent lawyers who can take up your case and work towards recovering the maximum compensation on your behalf. They will help you in every step while filing the claim, retrieving important documents and representing your case in the court. The legal consultancy charges are nominal so hiring an expert lawyer is the best choice to claim a compensation under the EEOICPA/RECA act.

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