Discover the Benefits of Sober living in Delray Beach

Discover the Benefits of Sober living in Delray Beach
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Early sobriety is not achieved overnight. Many people find that sober living is helpful, and often critical to stay among other self-disciplined individuals during the initial stages of recovering from drug addiction or alcoholism. Sober Living Delray Beach drug-free housing provides a safe and supportive setting for people recovering from substance abuse and who are not somewhat ready to live completely independent. The rules and guidelines provide a friendly community, along with flexible personal freedom.

Sober Living Delray Beach residents are given available assistance from the dedicated staff at the residences to help all the patients recovering from addiction. Available guideposts aid our clients on their path to attain self-control and maintain emotional and spiritual balanced lives. We offer a secure, supportive, alcohol-free atmosphere for recovering individuals who require a serene environment as they heal.

House Rules

A sober living surrounding allows guests to exist in an alcohol and drug-free environment while offering a transitional connection between treatment and complete independence. The Sober Living Delray Beach settings are comfortable and safe even with strict house rules. The recovering environment expects guests to stick to strict curfews, regular alcohol, and drug testing, as well as the allocation of daily chores.

Newly recovering addicts go through challenges such as trying to quit their habits in hazardous and unrestricted environments. It becomes hard to maintain sobriety in such a dangerous setting as chances of temptation and provocation get extremely high. Addicts who remain untreated often put themselves in extremely dangerous and sometimes life-threatening conditions. It makes a recovery complicated if at all achievable.

The concept of sober living in Delray Beach is simple. The sobriety environment unites people struggling with addiction and helps them overcome the stigma and esteem issues together with different individuals that are in various phases of recovering. This creates a strong bond of peer group support. They adopt a strict twelve-step plan that stresses participation and complete abstinence from drugs or alcohol.

Most sober living residents have their guests sign an agreement where they assent to nonviolence while staying at the house, no drinking, or having sex with their peers. Any misconduct against the set rules is a means for immediate discharge. To qualify for a sober living environment, residents must commit to the recovery process. This means they should attend all recovery meetings every week to stay compliant with the set guidelines.

Sober living home residents do not have criminal records. Many voluntarily come doing well in rehabilitation treatment. Those entering at the request of the court system have criminal records showing the violation of alcohol or drug related felony.

How long can one stay in the house?

The length of stay at a sober resident can vary. Most do not give a required timeline, and the guests can check in and out of the facility at free will. Some live in for years, but the majority stays on average 3-6 months.

Some return home to their families occasionally to stay in touch and enjoy the warmth and security of a drug or alcohol-free environment throughout the week. Many recovering addicts appreciate the value of staying in sober living homes, which they couldn’t otherwise have made it without their help.

At RECO, we are determined to ensure that our clients at sober living Delray Beach have a thoughtfully furnished residence to ensure optimal advancement in their recovery. 


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