How to deal with accidental pregnancy?

How to deal with accidental pregnancy?
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Pregnancy is the most amazing experience of every woman and her husband.  When the blood test gives a positive result it often brings a great bundle of joy to the couple. It always need not be so. Sometimes, it brings shock to some couple who have planned to have a child only after achieving some material standards or stability for the new family formed from their marriage. In some cases the accidental pregnancy happens to be a blessing in disguise. Accidental pregnancy is considered to happen as a result of unprotected sex. If you happen to be in such situation what are your options. In my opinion there are three options for you. I am going to explain them in brief here.

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Three options

  1. Taking responsibility of your child: If abortion is not acceptable to you, then you will have to go ahead with the pregnancy. If you are unable to intimate the pregnancy to you parents due to financial instability, you will have to discuss the matter with your friend and take some urgent steps to make yourself financially sound. Bank loans, finding out a new job for both husband and wife, renting out a portion of the house, starting some small businesses etc can improve your financial condition. Only after improving your financial condition you need to inform your parents about the pregnancy. Till then you can discuss with your friend and manage the initial days of pregnancy without parental help
  2. Finding a suitable house for your child to grow up: in some cases, the husband and wife will be living in a tiny house without any facility for the new born to grow comfortably. In such cases, you can for mortgage and arrange a new small house which you find will be enough for the new born to spend his initial days. If you still find it impossible to provide minimum requirements for your child then adoption will be your best choice. There are so many couples who have everything they need but only lack the ability to conceive. If you can find out or if you are willing to give your child to such parents then the problem can be solved easily.
  3. Terminating the pregnancy: If both the above mentioned solutions are not acceptable to you then the only option left is the termination of the pregnancy. Even though it seems very easy, taking a decision to abort your child is not that easy. Once the process has been started, then it is irreversible. There for think will before you decide. Whatever decision you take, make sure it is your own decision and nobody’s influence shall not pressurize you in crucial matter like this.


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