Creating Double Eyelid –Available Options

Creating Double Eyelid –Available Options
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Double eyelid surgery which is also called Asian blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery in which a reshaping of skin around the eyes is performed and a crease is created in the upper eyelid.

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Double eyelid surgery is done in two ways: incisional and non-incisional or suture method

Differences between Incisional and Non-incisional Methods

  • Incisional double eyelid surgery is meant for people having mono lidded eyes or double lidded eyes that require more character added to them, whereas non-incisional or suture method is meant for only mono lidded eyes.
  • Incisional technique suits eyelids with a little fat and sagging. It’s capable of dealing with excessive muscle, fat and upper eyelid skin. Non-incisional technique suits eyelids without fat and sagging. This technique is not capable of other problems in the anatomy of the eye.
  • Incisional method offers greater control to your surgeon to create symmetrical, accurate results while non-incisional method carries a lot of likelihood of asymmetrical results.
  • Incisional method creates permanent results, so, it has to be done only once. However it should also be remembered that this procedure cannot be reversed. On the other hand, non-incisional method creates temporary results and the procedure can be reversed.
  • While the recovery time of incisional method is slow, that of non-incisional method is fast.

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A Non-surgical Method to Create Asian Crease – Tape or Glue

If you are not happy with the idea of going under knife but still want the Asian crease in your eyelids, there is a method with which you can achieve it. You can use a tape or glue.

Lid tapes are getting more and more popular among patients to get a double eyelid or form symmetry between two eyelids. But many of these patients normally get surgery done eventually which gives more permanent results.

How can Eyelid Tape be Used for Creating Double Eyelid?

Eyelid tapes are available in a great variety on the market. Some of them are more transparent, while some have thinner strips and some others are hardly noticeable.

They work by pulling the eyelid skin to crease and expose a part of eyelid platform at the same time, thus outlining the eyes and making them look more open.

Some eyelid tapes are available with an applicator which helps in applying the tape evenly at the right level with a consistent pressure to create the desired shape.

Is Lid Tape Exclusively for Asians?

Not at all! Eyelid tape can be used by anyone to try to increase the fold of upper eyelid skin. It’s also useful for non-Asian people to reduce sagging of extra skin.

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Lid Tape Vs. Eyelid Surgery

There are certain drawbacks of eyelid tape.

  • The adhesive on the tape can cause allergic reactions like itching and redness of the eyelid skin
  • The tape can fall off during the day
  • It can be visible to others

Other alternative is using eyelid glue but it has certain risks too. For example, the glue can enter eyes and cause an injury.

An eyelid surgery too has its own risks. However, generally speaking surgery is a safer option though it comes with a downtime of about a week or even more.

Creasing Tools

Since there is a huge demand for double eyelids among Asian population, new gadgets are arriving in the market that form a more defined eyelid crease. They look a kind of terrifying but are available in colourful plastic materials.

It has not been seen that applying pressure repeatedly with creasing tools helps to define an eyelid crease. On the contrary, they can induce droopy eyelid or ptosis if used to give repeated pressure.

The best way is to talk to your doctor and choose your option with his advice. For example, you can visit and talk to Dr. Naveen Somia to find your best option.


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