Why consider Gastric Sleeve Houston

Why consider Gastric Sleeve Houston
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Bariatric surgery is becoming an attractive option for people suffering from obesity because it offers a straightforward way of losing large amounts of weighing and sustain the loss. There are different kinds but bariatric surgeries, but the most common and efficient is the Gastric Sleeve. Gastric sleeve in Houston is a weight-loss procedure that describes a variety of medical procedures in which the gastrointestinal/ stomach tract is modified to reduce food intake, therefore, resulting in an accelerated weight loss.
Here are the main benefits of having a sleeve gastrectomy. 

Satisfaction with smaller portions of food

A typical sleeve gastrectomy involves the reduction of the gastrointestinal tract to a tube-like structure. In most cases, people feel satisfied with their meals after they have physically filled their tummies, and with a reduced space necessary to be filled, people will consume less food. Also, during the surgery part of the stomach that produces Ghrelin- a hunger-stimulating hormone is removed, and therefore the sense of hunger goes down drastically allowing patients to stay for longer periods without the need of eating again.

Less invasive

Compared to other forms of bariatric surgeries, and other surgeries approved for morbid obesity, gastric sleeve procedure is less invasive. Unlike the gastric bypass, the sleeve gastrectomy does not involve disconnection of the stomach, cutting of the intestines or alteration of the intestinal structure. The lesser-invasive the surgery is the fewer complications. And since the overall gastrointestinal structure is not altered, it allows the absorption of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients with minimal disruption. Just like a normal and healthy stomach, the surgery has no dietary restrictions or dietary supplements after the surgery, and the patient is allowed to consume anything they enjoyed before the surgery.

No dumping syndrome

Also known as rapid gastric emptying, the Dumping Syndrome is a post- gastrointestinal surgery condition. Its group of symptoms that occur after the structure of the stomach is altered. The syndrome is caused by the inability of the body to regulate the movement of food in the stomach and occurs when food from your stomach is “dumped” to the bowel too quickly. Unlike other procedures, the sleeve gastrectomy ensures the pylorus (regulating outlet valve) is intact and is not altered thus allowing the smooth movement of to food in through the stomach unaffected.

No insertion of foreign objects

Most of the bariatric surgeries involve placing of foreign objects in the gastrointestinal system such as the gastric bands.  With no objects inserted in the body, the patients of the surgery are not at risk of developing infections, erosion, slipping or even body rejection of the objects.

Can be modified

If the first attempt of the gastric sleeve procedure is not successful and does not yield the expected results, the surgery allows the surgery to perform another surgery to the patient.

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