Classes to Try at Brick Fit

Classes to Try at Brick Fit
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Finding a good gym to work out in can sometimes be a difficult thing to do. Will it have classes that will help me with my current fitness skills? Will it be an encouraging and motivating place to work out in? If you’re looking for a gym, check out Brick Fit New York. Below are the classes offered that cater to various fitness skills.

Brick Fit New York Classes


This class is one to try if you’re looking to get an intense workout. You’ll be lifting weights and doing repetitive movements to help you build muscle.


If you’re looking to help improve your stamina and get a great cardio workout, you’ll want to try this class. You’ll be using various equipment (like barbells) and doing quick repetitive movements to help make sure you are constantly moving while working out.


This course is one of the top Cross Fit New York classes available. You’ll be doing the many helpful exercises that CrossFit uses, like weightlifting, gymnastics, and endurance workouts.


This class is great for people with all fitness levels. You’ll basically just be running and learning how to implement endurance workouts while doing so. Depending on your fitness levels, you can either start out slowly, or move quickly and do more intense running workouts.


If you’d like to practice weightlifting or learn how to do Olympic weightlifting moves, you’ll want to try this class. You’ll learn how to safely weightlift while doing weightlifting exercises based on your weightlifting experience.


If you’re interested in trying CrossFit but not ready to start the more intense CrossFit class, you’ll want to sign up for this course. It’s an introductory course to CrossFit and will help to prepare you for the more intense CrossFit workouts.


This class will help you build muscle as you do stretches and use bands and rollers. This class will also help with improving your flexibility.


This course is great for all fitness levels. You can do as much or as little as you’d like with a room full of special equipment designed to help with improving your body’s strength.


This class is ideal for those who are interested in trying out yoga. B/Flow uses Vinyasa-style yoga to help you relieve stress while also improving your body’s flexibility.


This course will help you build muscle with free weight movement exercises. You’ll be using barbells and other equipment to help you do bicep curls and bench presses to help you gain muscle.

Personal Training

If you’re looking for a more personal one-on-one approach, you can sign up for a personal training class. You’ll have your own coach who will help you design a course specifically for your needs while helping to encourage you through the exercises.

Brick Fit New York will help you to get fit with its many classes available. Everyone can find a class that caters to their needs to help them get fit in an encouraging and motivating environment.

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