Choosing the right antibiotic to address your medical concern – Things to know

Choosing the right antibiotic to address your medical concern – Things to know
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We currently dwell in a time when doctors have become over-concerned about the over-usage of antibiotics. Doctors have become so vigilant that they now prescribe it only when it is badly needed by the patients. If they prescribe you to take antibiotics, they should base their choice on 5 criteria: its appropriateness, effectiveness, ease-of-use, cost and side effects. Before advising you to take antibiotic pills for some reason, your doctor should take into account few factors. What are they? Do you want to know them if you wish to stay informed? Read on the concerns of this post to be able to take a wise decision.

What type of bacteria is involved?

Depending on the external structure of the bacteria, they can be categorized into 2 different types:

  • Gram-positive bacteria – This has got a waxy and thick external layer
  • Gram-negative bacteria: This has got an added fatty layer which poses to become an obstacle against few antibiotics

While selecting the antibiotic which is perfect for you, the doctor initially requires checking the bacteria that’s involved. Only when he knows this, he will be able to determine the right kind of antibiotic that can fight against the disease.

What kind of action is expected from the antibiotic?

The several classes of antibiotics are divided as per the section of bacterium they tend to affect. The antibiotics which fall into the class of penicillin usually obstruct the formation of any other added layer of bacteria. Then you need to know that antibiotics are even divided into bactericidal antibiotics and bacteriostatic antibiotics. There are few infections which restrain the bacterial growth which is enough to let the natural defenses of the body to eradicate the bacteria.

In what way should the antibiotic be taken?

This entirely depends on the type of infection and the location of the infection. If you’re suffering from eye infections, you can often be treated with antibiotic eye drops and minor scrapes and cuts can be dealt with ointments. On the contrary, if you’re suffering from UTI or pneumonia, you may have to take pills. The strength of an antibiotic should play a vital role in choosing the actual formulation of the antibiotic pill. It should be such that it hits the infection pretty hard.

What is the course of the antibiotic treatment?

As long as antibiotics are concerned, the lesser is the number of pill count, the better for the patient. It is a mistake if you stop taking antibiotics as soon as you start feeling better. This increases the possibility of recurrence and promotes resistance from the drug. When you don’t complete a course of the medicine, you let the bacteria thrive and henceforth this becomes antibiotic resistant.

Therefore, regardless of whether you think you need antibiotics for some specific illness, you should always choose to speak to a doctor who can help you with a prescription. Complete your course and then kill the bacteria for good.


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