Childhood obesity on a rise. Can homeopathy help?

Childhood obesity on a rise. Can homeopathy help?
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Obesity is one of the most common and rapidly growing problems in the world. A number of surveys and studies confirm that there are many nations in the world facing the same problem where a great number of citizens are becoming corpulent at an alarming rate. This is indeed a great sign of danger as childhood obesity, in particular, can potentially pave ways for several severe health problems.

Over the years, there has been a proliferation in the cases where this problem is becoming commonly evident in the children and they are not able to live a healthy life and are always under the threat of other severe health-related issues.

Understanding Obesity

We need to understand that becoming obese is not only about few extra kilos that may potentially affect a person’s look but it also leads to a number of bigger and smaller problems that directly has adverse effects on the victim’s daily lifestyle. If proper care is not taken, this problem can expand exponentially and to cure the problem, the patient may have to go through a tough regime. The best solution to the problem is to avoid obesity and control the expansion of the problem.

Causes of Obesity

There can be a number of reasons behind obesity in children. The reasons are not limited to but include the following:

  1. Poor lifestyle
  2. Unhealthy eating habits
  3. Lack of physical activities
  4. Stress
  5. Hormonal issues
  6. Medications

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Obesity is one of the most conspicuous problems that can easily be identified from a person’s appearance but there are a number of other symptoms that may essentially suggest the existence of obesity and these symptoms may include lack of desire for physical activities, tendency to constantly eat unhealthy food, excessive increase in the weigh and fat percentage in an individual.

Treating Obesity

It is best if an individual can avoid the existence and persistence of obesity. But even if a person is suffering from the problem because of any reason, there is no need to panic as this problem is curable and patients can live a happy and healthy life. There are several treatment options available in the world today. But it is recommended that an individual should pick an option that can have a holistic approach for treating the problem without any side effects.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy has evolved as one of the most preferred alternatives for treating the problem of obesity and this is efficacious because of the approach which considers all the verticals of treatment including the lifestyle, eating habits, metabolism, and physical activities. The medicines in this form of treatment emphasize reducing the body fat percentage.


Obesity is a major problem but it is not incurable and at Dr Batra’s, we have a team of highly qualified and proficiently trained doctors who consider each and every aspect of childhood obesity and accumulation of excess fat under the children’s skin and then they deal with corpulence in its entirety.

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