Cell Phones: An Essential Part Of Life And Their Hidden Side Effects

Cell Phones: An Essential Part Of Life And Their Hidden Side Effects
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Today cell phones have become the essential part of life. In every field of life either entertainment, marketing, publishing, research and social contacts, cell phones are playing a vital role and are hard to ignore. Certain scientific studies and researches had proven that electromagnetic rays from these cell phones are highly harmful for human health and results in several disorders like brain tumour, nervous breakdown, anxiety and genetial disorders. The number of cell phones are increasing day by day and thus human beings are getting more and more surrounded by these rays.

Cell phone companies knows very well about the hidden dangers of cell phones but they are making only their fortune. Actually the mistake is not theirs. They are just fulfilling the needs of today’s generation. Every day human being is drowning in the sea of electromagnetic radiation. Reason is that modern era is totally dependent upon electronic gadgets like cell phones, kitchen appliances, computer, laptop etc. All these electric devices release electromagnetic rays which is affecting human health reversely.

People are using cell phones to such an extent that they use them before they sleep and even just after they awake up they search their cell phone. Either handset or tower based cellular phones, all devices works depending of these electromagnetic rays. Telecom Company came before 1980s and at that time they had huge profit schemes but limited resources.

Any food department recommend to launch eatables after proof testing but telecom industry was free to launch their products without testing. Today near about two billion people are using cell phones and are getting affected by electromagnetic rays.

According to cell phone companies, they are not providing the consumer any dangerous thing but cell phone radiation effect is a topic studied several times. Many studies prove that these ray are harmful for living organism. They cause many diseases like genetic damage, brain cancer and tumour, blood barrier leakage and loss of hearing power. The more power you will consume from these rays more you will be affected.  When talking about few years ago all houses had TV antenna on the roof but today everyone is surrounded by Wi-Fi rays. As scientist are continuously revealing the hidden side effects of cell phones people must avoid the contact of these radiations as much as possible. A guass Meyer is a device which can calculate for you how much radiation is bearable for human health. For certain precautions you can practice few steps in routine life i.e. do not keep your cell phone near your heart. Talking too much via cell phones can damage your salivary glands so talk through speaker facility. Turn off you cell phone and wi-fi when you do not need it. Use an Emf shielding device. Tell your children about the harmful effects of cell phones and forbid them to play games. Actually cell phones are inseparable part of today’s life, you can’t survive in this era without these facilities but one thing you can do for your family is considering those points which can save you from unnecessary contact of these electromagnetic rays.

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