Botox: The Drug That’s Treating Everything

Botox: The Drug That’s Treating Everything
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Before pricking and proding at the hidden wonders of Botox, how does it work? Well, Botox is administered by a fine needle injection into specific muscles. After Botox is injected into the muscles it blocks signals from the specific nerves to the muscles by causing paralysis temporarily, so that the muscles can no longer contract. The effects from Botox injections take around three to six months to reach their full effect and tend to last for three to four months. Although results vary from patient to patient and depend on several factors.

The most common conditions you probably didn’t know Botox could treat include chronic migraines, incontinence, muscle spasms, crossed-eyes and excessive underarm sweating and much more!

Chronic Migraines

Botox injections have been proven by the FDA to prevent migraines effectively. Botox Injections need to be made every three months, to the specific points along the bridge of the nose, back of the head, the temples, the forehead, the upper back and the neck. It sounds like a lot but in the hands of a capable injector the results are incredible! Botox can prevent migraines before they occur by decreasing specific pain pathways involving nerve cells in sensory pathways – which is where many experts believe migraines stem from.


Incontinence symptoms include the frequent urge to urinate, frequent urination, bedwetting or leaking of urine. Botox injections correct these issues by calming and relaxing the targeted nerves that overstimulate the bladder muscles that cause constant urination, however regular treatment sessions is required in order to keep incontinence symptoms at bay.

Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms are uncontrollable shaking and/or tightening of muscles or involuntary contractions. These contractions are a primary cause of both neck pain and back pain. A skilled and experienced medical injector such as Jade cosmetic clinic Botox specialists will inject Botox to treat the spasms by blocking the neural signals sent to the muscles, causing them to relax and the involuntary contractions to stop completely, relieving the associated pain.


The muscles in our eyes are always working against one another to pull the eye in opposite directions so we can see properly. When one muscle grows weak, the stronger muscle will draw the eye in the opposite direction. To correct crossed-eyes, Botox is injected into the stronger muscle, relaxing it and giving the weaker muscle the chance to recover.

Excessive Underarm Sweating

Known medically as hyperhidrosis, excessive underarm sweating affects millions of people all over the world. Those with the condition sweat up to four times more than normal, to maintain a normal body temperature. Botox can help stop excessive sweating before it begins.

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