Best Strains for Reducing Insomnia

Best Strains for Reducing Insomnia
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Insomnia is a condition which affects us all at various stages of our life. For some, it is a nightly occurrence, and many sufferers have turned to cannabis to drift them off to sleep. The way it does this is to reduce racing thoughts which insomniacs often experience, reduce pain and soothe tense muscles. Crucial to the success of this is choosing the best marijuana strains.

Tahoe OG Kush

This strain is a little heavier and more potent than OG Kush. Anecdotal evidence suggests a lot of insomniacs have found success with this strain as a way to get off to sleep at night. When users vape or smoke this strain, it is particularly fast acting. Effects include slowing down a racing mind and maintaining a peaceful mindset for the whole night. There is no “hangover” effect the next morning, meaning users are alert and focussed for the day ahead.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is one of the go to strains that insomniacs have been using for years. This strain has a particularly high concentration of terpene myrcene, which is known to induce feelings of lethargy. This Indica dominant strain has strong flavors of berry and grape, which the vast majority of users find to be particularly pleasing. Users report feelings of tension just melt away, and induced feelings of relaxation and sedation.


Skywalker is a lesser known strain that is associated with creating positive thoughts, which in turn reduces anxiety and makes you more likely to drift off to sleep. It is important to note however that Skywalker has a particularly high concentration of THC, which has a strong psychoactive effect. Users have reported that they only need a small amount in order to have a beneficial effect.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is an Indica dominant strain which is well used by sufferers of insomnia. It came about in the mid-1980s, and people who suffer from insomnia have been using it on a daily basis, even back then. Northern Lights is characterized as a strain which has a high-THC concentration and can reduce pain and insomnia relatively quickly. It is important to dose low and slow for maximum impact. It is recommended that you build up some form of tolerance for this strain before using.

Kilimanjaro Seeds

Kilimanjaro Regular Seeds are known to get rid of insomnia with a bit of force like you’d expect to happen from a pure Indica. You will notice the immensely sweet citrus flavors that this strain has, which is pleasant to the taste.

For more information on the best strain for your insomnia, consult your local dispensary. Look for your nearest dispensary by using the dispensaries near me open now tool on

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