The Best Place for Yoga in Lombok Island, Indonesia

The Best Place for Yoga in Lombok Island, Indonesia
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Yoga becomes an alternative for people who want to relieve their stress after the excessive pressures they receive on their workplaces. If you want to practice some yoga while having vacation, you can go to Lombok Island, Indonesia. The following paragraph will give a brief review about some of the best place for yoga in Lombok Island that you can visit.

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This list below will give some explanation about yoga studio in Lombok that you can visit on your vacation in Lombok.


  • Ashtari: a restaurant with a Yoga platform created from wooden deck. On this platform, many yoga classes for various skill levels are held. Thanks to its calming ambience and lavish green forest surrounding the restaurant, you will be able to focus on your yoga movement easily. You can also taste some delicacies and beverages provided by this restaurant with your family and friends while enjoying the wonderful sceneries.
  • Gili Yoga: this yoga studio provides all kinds of yoga styles. You can transform, breathe, and sweat yourself with expressive technique from every Yoga postures. It also provides a program specialized for everyone who wants to learn to be a Yoga teacher. Other than Yoga, this retreat located near the beach offers the opportunities to experience the beauty of the sea by doing some diving. Accommodation with Sasak design is also available if you wish to stay in.
  • Novotel Lombok: an exclusive resort located at the beach front with Sasak architecture that provide various activity and luxurious facilities for your family. It offers yoga classes at different schedules which are performed on the beach near the pristine water. The recommended time to practice yoga in this place is in the afternoon to experience the finest landscape of sunset.
  • H2O Yoga and Meditation Center: Surrounded by magnificent natural views, beaches, and beautiful ocean front, this place provides numerous holistic treatments to heal your stressed body and mind. With certified trainer responsible for the programs, you will be able to enhance your Yoga skills without too much hassle. To balance your body and mind, you can try a program called Meditation retreat. If you want to stay in, there are some comfortable and simple bungalows provided by the yoga center.
  • Mandala Blue Seaview Yoga: this studio is situated only a step away from the ocean, making it easy and breezy to try some yoga postures. Practicing synchronized breathing is a crucial aspect of Yoga. By practicing this technique, you can relieve your stress and mental blocks that bring a negative energy to your body. Stretch your muscles and joints and feel your body getting more flexible on each practice. There are other great activities offered too, such as acro yoga techniques, massage philosophy, and spiritual workshops.

Those are the list of five best studio of yoga in Lombok. These places will provide you one of the most memorable experiences in your life. With all the features and ambience offered by these studios, your body and mind will surely feel refreshed after joining the programs.

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