About Physical Therapy and the Treatment Given 

About Physical Therapy and the Treatment Given 
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Physical therapy is also known as PT in which the trained professionals will analyze and treat abnormal functions of the body related to a disability or injury and other kinds of health conditions. As per the APTA, i.e., American Physical Therapy Association, physical therapists are licensed and trained movement experts. They can treat and diagnose various kinds of health conditions, disabilities, and injuries. The pivotal objective of physical therapy is to enhance a person’s array of movements and quality of life preventing further injury or any kind of disability. Those who have licensed PT, they work in various kinds of health care settings like rehab centres, outpatient offices, hospitals, private practices, and so on. 

Initial Treatment – 

Patients are taken care of by the physical therapists in all the phases of healing. They will start right from the beginning i.e., from the initial diagnosis to preventative stages and restorative stages of recovery. Other treatments are also supported by physical therapy and sometimes it is the only option that you have. You can visit the website to know more about the physical therapist. Most of the time patients are referred to a physical therapist by the doctor and some patients seek therapy by themselves. 

Training of the PT – 

As per the World Confederation for Physical Therapy – a physical therapist gets training that allows them to – do a physical exam and analyze the movement of the person, the flexibility of the muscle and joints motion, the performance including knowing about their history of the condition/health. A PT will also give a prognosis and clinical diagnosis and plan on caring for their patients with short-term goals or long-term goals. They will also do an intervention and physical therapy treatments. Self-management recommendations will be given including exercises that a person can do at home. 

Treatment in PT – 

Physical therapy treatment comprises the following – Iontophoresis, Electrical stimulation (e-stim), Heat, moist heat, cold therapy, and Light therapy. To know more about the pain management services, see here. Supplementary treatments are also provided by the physical therapists for different types of medical conditions depending on the special cases. It is also possible that the PT may not directly treat the medical condition. If it is pure musculoskeletal conditions, then the PT will work to enhance the recovery and educate the person on how to change the movement patterns and so on. 


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