A Close Encounter With Baroness Susan Greenfield

A Close Encounter With Baroness Susan Greenfield
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Baroness Susan Greenfield is a well-known British scientist, author, and broadcaster. She is mainly known for her works on the consciousness of the human brain and the impact of technology on the brain. Throughout her career, she has focused on various neurological mechanisms of the human brain. Her works have also gained a lot of recognition because of which she has also won numerous awards from various government bodies and universities. She is currently working as the CEO of her own company Neuro Bio. The company Neuro Bio was co-founded by her in the year 2013.

Her Career and Work

The main research of Baroness Susan Greenfield is brain psychology, especially on the brain mechanisms of Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease. However, she is also famous for popularising science. Throughout her career, she was also written several books that are based on the human brain. Other than that she has also appeared on numerous TV and radio broadcast shows and public lectures.

She was also invited to be the first woman to give the Royal Institution Christmas lectures in the year 1994. Later in the year 1998, she was appointed as the director of the Royal Institution.

Greenfield has received 32 degrees along with numerous awards from various British and foreign Universities. Her list of achievements is really long if we have to mention it here. With her hard work and passion to learn the mechanisms of the human brain, she continues to climb up the ladder of success.

Greenfield has the reputation of introducing the knowledge of science to the mass and is also considered to be one of the most influential women in the world. She is in fact, regarded as the world-leading expert of the human brain because of her extensive research work on the same and especially on the Alzheimer and Parkinson disease. She also owns her own official website where you can go through the details of her work and other information and news related to her.

Greenfield got married in the year 1991 to Peter Atkins who is the professor of the University of Oxford. However, they filed a divorce in 2005.

Greenfield is an inspirational woman who with her success has inspired several people and especially women all across the world. With her work and dedication, she strives to show that nothing is impossible when you have her goals straight.

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