5 Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

5 Benefits of Eyebrow Threading
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Groomed, thickand made-up eyebrows are the latest makeup trend, coming off with new insecurities and confidence for women. And no wonder you see a lot of people doing this. Let’s find out reasons why you should consider eyebrow threading

But wait, how is eyebrow threading done?

Eyebrow threading is a simple and quick procedure that should only be done by trained professionals at https://www.thefacialhub.com.au. In this method, the practitioner twists a cotton thread- the one end is clenched between teeth, and the other end is caught by left hand. The middle part is used a loop by the right hand to hook and pull out the unwanted hair. It can be used as desired to shape the eyebrows.

Benefits of Undergoing Eyebrow Threading

  1. Shape eyebrows with incredible precision

The greatest advantage of eyebrow threading when compared to all other techniques is that it can shape eyebrows with incredible precision. While threading, the aesthetician is able to target individual hairs and at the same time, multiple hairs could still be removed. Threading seems to combine the precision of tweezing ability to get rid of multiple hairs simultaneously.

A neat line of hair could be removed at once by an expert threading artist. This gives perfect shape to your eyebrows. Unlike the waxing procedure, a threading artist enjoys a perfect view of what is being done by her, throughout the procedure.

  1. Good for allergy sufferers

For allergy sufferers, threading has advantages over other forms of hair removal. During an eyebrow threading procedure, your skin won’tget in contact with cosmetic or chemical products, and since thread for cosmetic use should be 100 percent cotton, there are very few allergens present.

  1. Less Painful Than Waxing And Other techniques

Threading is supposed to be definitely less painful as compared to waxing or other hair removal techniques. This could be because the thread itself is not touching the skin during the hair removal process. The skin around your eyebrows is thin and extra-sensitive that is precisely the reason, why techniques which are known to pull directly on your skin may typically cause far more pain.

  1. Time-Saving

Threading eliminates multiple hairs at one go. The expert threading artist simply needs to weave the thread through the hairs, which require to be eliminated before giving the thread a gentle tug. This process is repeated till a perfectly shaped eyebrow is achieved. Eyebrow threading may take between 5 to 15 minutes.

  1. Safe Procedure      

Eyebrow threading is a safe procedure and does not cause any harm to the skin, unlike some depilatory creams and wax. This is simply because of the fact that the skin’s top layer is not traumatized or peeled.

Moreover, eyebrow shaping Brisbane at The Facial Hub does not involve the use of heat or any potentially harmful chemicals. It is a great alternative for individuals having a sensitive skin or suffering from acne.

There you go- the amazing benefits you can get when you undergo eyebrow threading.

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