3 Steps To Book For CRP Test In Delhi

3 Steps To Book For CRP Test In Delhi
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About CRP or C-reactive Protein

The human liver creates a chemical called C-reactive Protein to treat inflammatory conditions in the body. This particular chemical belongs to a class of proteins known as ‘acute-phase reactants in the human body. As a means of defending tissues from damage or infection, the body produces these reactants to reduce inflammation. You should know about the CRP test price in Delhi before opting for a CRP test.

The CRP test allows for the measurement of C-reactive protein, which is an indicator of inflammation. The test aids in determining the likelihood of experiencing a cardiac arrest, seizure, or other serious diseases brought on by inflammation. The test, however, is unable to identify the location of the inflammation in the body. Different labs ask for different CRP test price Delhi.

The levels of C-reactive protein in the blood can increase due to several inflammatory diseases. A list of these pathological conditions is provided below:

  • Different kinds of infections
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Injury of a tissue or a specific organ
  • COVID-19
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases 
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Pericarditis

Why is the CRP test important?

After examining the patient’s lifestyle, medical history, and source of inflammation, the doctor may advise a CRP test to detect any kind of inflammation in the body. CRP blood tests are often given to those who have a 5% to 10% likelihood of having a heart attack during the next 10 years.

CRP testing is also done on persons who have lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, dyslipidemia, active rheumatic fever, and chronic inflammatory illness. These factors increase the blood’s CRP concentration, which may elevate the risk of developing heart disease.

How can you prepare for the CRP test?

Before the CRP test, it is a good option to have your doctor check your prescriptions. The levels of CRP can be impacted by medications like statins and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines. There are magnesium-based supplements that can potentially change the CRP level in the human body, so you should look out for that as well. Also, check the CRP test price in Delhi.

What is the procedure to book a CRP test?

The blood sample taken from the vein of the human body is used to assess C-reactive protein. Generally, your arm will be used to obtain the blood sample. Blood samples can be taken at home, at a hospital lab, or in a clinical laboratory. You should find out about the CRP test price in Delhi before visiting a lab or booking an appointment.

You can book the CRP test using three ways. 

  1. By physically visiting the lab: You can visit any reputed lab in your locality and book your appointment for a CRP test.
  2. Book an appointment using a phone: Another way you can book an appointment with any clinic is by calling them and scheduling your CRP test.
  3. Book appointments through online websites: A lot of reputed platforms offer on-time home sample collection facilities where you can easily get an appointment and get your CRP test done in no time. 

What is the meaning of a high CRP level?

As a reaction to just about any inflammation occurring in the body, the liver is known to create C-reactive protein. CRP is the most potent anti-inflammatory cytokine and a non-specific biomarker.

Your medical history, age, gender, and the test’s methodology all affect the test’s outcome. An elevated CRP level might be either mildly or dangerously high. Between 10 mg/L and 100 mg/L, the C-reactive protein level is regarded as moderately high, and anything over 100 mg/L is regarded as dangerously high. The risk of you encountering a cardiovascular disease increases with increasing CRP levels. The CRP level in a healthy person should be under 3 mg/L.

Final words

If you want to complete your CRP test then you should visit flebo. in. To determine the threat of inflammation, scheduling a CRP test and knowing the CRP test price in Delhi is necessary. This platform also provides a wide range of additional diagnostic testing for the heart, liver, prostate, kidney, and other organs. More importantly, it offers inexpensive reports and prompt sample collection by skilled phlebotomists.


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