10 Awesome Health Benefits of Garlic

10 Awesome Health Benefits of Garlic
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Garlic is known to be used for ages to treat the medical conditions in people. It has immense medicinal value and health benefits for a healthy and fit World. It is also widely used for cooking throughout the world. Here we have listed down 10 awesome health benefits of Garlic.

1. Garlic has potent medicinal value

Garlic comes from the family of ONION, which is an essential part in every day’s cooking. It is cultivated for the particular spicy taste and smell, and if eaten raw it produces a pungent smell. It has Sulphur compounds that are highly beneficial to health.

As an important health ingredient, people use it on a daily basis for best results. It also has numerous nutrients that can stimulate your immune system and cardiovascular functions. It is anti-wart, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial and it improves your skin texture.

2. Garlic produces essential nutrients and is low on calories

When you think of garlic, you always imagine it as a pungent and spicy food ingredient. Right? In fact, it is a low calorific nutritious food and if taken properly at certain intervals of time can give you the required nutrition for health benefits like vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, Manganese, Selenium, iron, fiber, copper, calcium, phosphorous and potassium particularly.  

A certain quantity of garlic will produce a certain amount of calories, protein, and carbohydrates. When you look at the above nutrients produced by the garlic, it is imperative that it produces some very important nutrients that are essential to health. Take a regular dose of garlic in the morning for fitness and health. Avoid raw garlic in the nights because it is not good at inducing sleep. It creates discomfiture in the night due to burning in the stomach hence avoid in the nights. Day times it is not a problem because it induces hunger.

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3. Garlic controls Bad Cholesterol and reduces heart risks

There are two types of Cholesterols: LDL and HDL. LDL is a low-density lipoprotein and is bad cholesterol whereas HDL is a high-density lipoprotein is a good cholesterol.

Regular use of Garlic will lower the level of LDL that can cause heart risks and strokes thus improving the health of the individual.

In the present day, due to many factors, heart-related risks and diseases are on the rise, it can be due to one’s body composition or due to the age of the individual. It is always good to be on the lookout and be alert to these factors, have a regular dose of small garlic quantity (about an ounce) during the day to reduce the heart-related risks.

4. Reduce Blood Pressure with Garlic

As explained earlier, heart-related risks are a big menace in the present day due to many factors. Cardiovascular diseases that are widely present throughout the world induce heart Strokes and attacks. Hypertension or you call it high blood pressure is the main cause of present-day predicament.

Garlic if used correctly as a regular dose can reduce the high blood pressure levels thus reducing the risk of life. For this, one has to eat 4 cloves garlic daily which is equivalent to Atenolol drug that is used for controlling high blood pressure.

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5. Garlic as a way of medication for reducing Common Cold and Sickness

This method of treating sick family people at home is an age-old technique for treatment for common cold and sickness. Garlic reduces the overall severity of the said symptoms whether it is common cold or sickness.

Garlic acts quicker than some of the medicines prescribed for this purpose for some of the common diseases like flu and the common cold. These techniques were being used since olden days.

6. Garlic supplements for enhanced Athletic Performances

Garlic usage as performance enhancing medicine dates back to the ancient cultures that were using this regularly. It considerably reduces tiredness and fatigue and enhances work performance.

Some of the studies have proven this and is regularly used as performance enhancing substitution whether it is Olympics in the era of ancient Greece or now, it is a proven method.

Case studies have been carried out on Rodents regarding the effects of garlic for enhancing performance and it was positive. Studies are yet to be done on humans.

7. Antioxidants in Garlic helps in preventing Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

The immense value of Garlic is immeasurable; it contains such antioxidants that prevent cell damage in the brain and the aging process also. Oxidative damage can cause havoc, but the use of Garlic can control the aging process as it helps the protective mechanism of the body.

Garlic when used in high doses as supplements, antioxidant enzymes increase to lessen the oxidative stress of high BP individuals.

Alzheimer’s disease, as well as Dementia, can be controlled due to the reduction of LDL Cholesterol level and high blood pressure due to the antioxidants in Garlic.

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8. Detoxifying with regular Garlic intake

This can be one of the best reasons to use Garlic for detoxification in the body system. Our body consists of toxic heavy residues, which have to be flushed out for better health.

Garlic when taken in high doses, prevents organ damage due to the toxicity of heavy metals. The sulfur compound in Garlic reduces the lead toxicity also as per case studies, better than D-Penicillamine.

9. Bone health increases with regular doses of Garlic

There are case studies to prove that an increase in estrogen levels in females’ leads to better bone health, which is an essential part of our body. Garlic proves to be one of the best medications to maintain better health.

10. Live Longer: Endurance for Longevity comes from Garlic supplement intake

There is no doubt that Garlic can prolong life a bit longer as you have seen how it works on the human body for a better Healthy and Fit World.

Garlic has tons of medicinal properties. Add it to your everyday diet and stay healthy.

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