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Tramadol and natural pain management

For hundreds of years the Eastern civilization was using numerous herbs and other natural ingredients for treating a wide range of health conditions including the relief of painful symptoms. The Western civilization on the other hand was always relying on medicine, not believing that natural alternatives can be quite effective if compared to typical synthetic drugs. But now Americans have started to learn about and adopt many traditional practices from the Orient and some people actually find these natural solutions as great alternatives to the potent medicines that are usually plagued with harmful side effects. And pain relief has become one of the leading niches of medicine where alternative natural solutions have started to be used widely.

Americans are extensively using both prescription and over-the-counter medications for pain relief whenever pain starts to be a problem. Such a heavy dependency on synthetic medications subjects the health of millions of Americans to potent chemicals that aren't always that safe. Taking the cumulative effect of many of these substances it's easy to say that long term use of painkiller drugs poses a hazard to one's health. This is clearly observed in chronic pain sufferers who often become addicted to their pain relief medications. With all this, people have started showing more interest towards alternative pain relief and herbal solutions that could be used instead of such powerful painkillers as Tramadol.

The most obvious and easy to use solution is herbal pain relief. Herbs and essential oils are extensively used for treating and preventing a range of health problems, not just for pain management. With virtually no side effects, herbal essences have been confirmed o naturally stimulate the body's own pain management and recovery system for overcoming health problem instead of simply blocking nerve pain signals as drugs like Tramadol do. Some herbs that are widely used for natural pain relief include Willow Bark, Tumeric, Valerian, Cannabis and St. Johns Wort.

Many essential oils are known to contain painkiller substances and can be used for relieving milder forms of pain. Some of the most popular essential oils for pain management are based on Lavender, Birch, Rosemary, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Pine, and Ginger. They can often be found mixed with the aforementioned herbs for maximizing their effects. However, one thing you should bear in mind when taking natural products is that it takes several days and even weeks in order to observe any substantial improvements.

And that's the biggest downside of herbal pain relief options. We're used to obtaining pain relief rapidly with drugs like Tramadol but the effects on our health can sometimes be not very pleasant. On the other hand, herbal solutions have virtually no harmful effects but they take a long time to provide any effects. So there's a price for any benefit and a compromise in each case. So if you need rapid pain relief for acute pain, herbs might be not the best choice if compared to typical painkillers. But if you suffer from mild pain on a regular basis, going natural might be the safest way to obtain pain relief.



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New Announcements about Analgesics (Painkillers)

Long-term painkilling powerhouse codeine has begun to be phased out of many medications. Compared to the newer drugs available, codeine is thought by medical professionals to be unreliable, ineffective, and unpredictable in the treatment of pain.

Doctors, pharmacists, and pharmaceutical companies have agreed to replace codeine in many formulas with Tramadol, since it is very effective, reliable, and has a smaller danger of abuse and misuse.

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